To reach a faculty member or administrator you may select the person’s email address to send them a email message or call the campus main phone number (858) 523-4000 followed by the person's extension listed below their name. You may also select the faculty members name to go directly to their landing page for specific course information.





Mr. Stevan R. Laaperi
Mrs. Carin Theobald | Assistant to the President
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1117
Mr. Kevin Calkins
Mrs. Tina Mendes | Secretary to the Principal
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1143
Mr. Ron Marquez
Director of Sports Information and Communication
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1152
Ms. Carolyn Sturz
Chief Financial Officer
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1136
Ms. Margaret Mauro
Assistant Principal, Faculty and Student Services
Mrs. Cindy Moses | Secretary to Assistant Principal
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1144
Mr. Dustin Nies
Director of Technology
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1153
Mr. Sean Doyle
Director of Institutional Advancement and Alumni
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1151
Mr. David Smola
Assistant Principal, Athletic Director
Mrs. Maria Oliver | Athletics Secretary to the Asst Prinicipal Athletics
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1123
Dr. Megan Burton
Dean of Academic Support
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1215
Ms. Elizabeth Tysor
Director of Admissions
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1249
Ms. Alison Purpera
Assistant Dean of Students
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1368
Mr. Sal Aiello
Director of Facilities
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1604
Ms. Anne Pickard
Director of Marketing and Communications
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1120
Mrs. Kathy Garcia
Director of Center of Innovation
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1239
Mr. Michael Trunzo
Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1115
Mrs. Ashley Bascom
Dean of Counseling
Ms. Dense Flynn | Counseling Assistant
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1194
Ms. Christine Lagrimas
Director of Student Activities
Tel (858) 523-4000 x1318

Main Directory:

Rafie, Marjan
AP Physics 1, Physics, Physics Per. 7
(858) 523-4000 x1372
Rakanace, Moana
Junior Varsity Head Coach
(858) 523-4000 x1123
Reiter, Robert
US History, World History
(858) 523-4000 x1378
Remiker, Gary
AP Statistics, Statistics
(858) 523-4000 x1381
Remington, Philip
Catholic Faith 10, Catholic Faith 10 Per. 7
(858) 523-4000 x1384
Rester, Austin
Boy's Sand Volleyball Head Coach
(858) 523-4000 x1123
Rhodes, Sara
Surf Head Coach , American Sign Language 2, American Sign Language 2 Per. 7
(858) 523-4000 x1385
Rickling, Tom
AP Macro Economics, AP Macro Economics Summer Assignment, AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment, Financial Algebra
(858) 523-4000 x1386
Robell, Pat
Director of Music Ministry , Campus Ministry Ensembles, Foundations in Performing Arts
(858) 523-4000 x1388
Robinson, Shannon
Girl's Lacrosse Coach
(858) 523-4000 x1123
Robinson, Shane
Head Boys JV Lacrosse Coach
(858) 523-4000 x1123
Rogers, Marisa
Attendance Secretary
(858) 523-4000 x1128