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AP Biology

AP Biology (Course #1561-1562) Grade 10-12

Prerequisite: A grade of “A” in Biology both semesters. In addition, a grade of “A” both semesters of Chemistry or a grade of “B” both semesters of AP Chemistry.

AP Biology engages students in the fundamental concepts of life at an introductory college level. Students perform numerous laboratory assignments, conduct a thorough reading of a callege biology textbook, and compose scientific article briefs. Students have the option to register for and take the AP Exam in May. A $120 fee will be collected during exam registration for those who decide to sit for the exam. 


Important for AP Biology (2016-2017 school year)...please see the Resource Center page for textbook ordering information and for the summer assignment (and a troubleshooting guide if you are having problems registering with Pearson). The assignment is due on the first Red day of the school year. 

Supplies (on top of the usual, pens, pencils, lined paper, iPad, earbuds, etc.): 

  • AP Biology: quad-ruled (graph paper) composistion book (not spiral bound) to serve as lab book; 4-function calculator (no scientific calculators allowed in class); 3-ring binder or spiral bound notebook for taking notes
  • Biology: quad-ruled (graph paper) composistion book (not spiral bound) to serve as lab book; 3-ring binder with lined paper (for taking notes)

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