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> Alg2/Trig (H) Per. 7
> Algebra 2/Trig H
> Pre-Calculus Honors

Level 06 - Apple TV Bronze Level 03 - iBook Bronze Level 01 - iPad Basics Level 04 - Multimedia Bronze Level 02 - Settings Sage Level 05 - Web Wizard Bronze

Alg2/Trig (H) Per. 7

Algebra 2/Trig H

Pre-Calculus Honors



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video examples listed by problem type for each section in our textbook



 ***AlGEBRA 2/Trig Honors***


HMH Fuse Textbook App

Textbook for our class: HMH Fuse Algebra 2: Common Core Edition


-The APP will show as “Free” (you are only downloading the free content at this point)

- Download the “Free” version.

- When this download is finished, open the APP on your iPad.

- You will now have the option to purchase the entire content for $19.99. Do this.

- Download one or two chapters at a time (not the entire book) if you want to avoid using too much memory on your iPad. While it is recommended that you download each chapter WITH videos, it is up to you to download with or without videos.