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English 1

English 1 is a yearlong required course for college preparatory ninth grade students.  Students read literary pieces from genres of literature including the novel, short stories, poetry, mythology, non-fiction, and drama in addition to studying literary techniques and terms.  Students continue to build a foundation of basic vocabulary skills and grammar skills for effective oral and written communication as well as preparation for taking standardized tests (such as the PSAT, the ACT, and the SAT).  Students also focus on study skills with emphasis on active reading strategies and basic academic research skills.  Students practice creative and expository writing, with an emphasis on the claim, data, and warrant elements in expository paragraphs.  In second semester, students use these writing skills to produce multi-paragraph, thesis-driven expository essays.

English 2H

Honors students are challenged at advanced reading comprehension and writing levels in this rigorous, accelerated paced course.  Students study world literature with a focus on literary movements, universal themes, and rhetorical devices.  They continue their study of SAT vocabulary and transformational grammar to prepare for standardized tests and to support effective written and oral communication.  Students produce MLA style, thesis-driven research papers, with special focus on the evaluation of academic sources, ethical and appropriate use of internet resources, and both the research process and final written product.  Students are introduced to a variety of non-fiction pieces in order to emphasize rhetorical elements such as tone, purpose, and audience.  


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"The real and genuine charm of all fiction is that of enabling the reader to place himself in the mental position of another, to see with the eyes, to feel with the thoughts, to reason with the mind, of a wholly different being."  

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