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> Foundations in Visual Art and Design

Foundations in Visual Art and Design

This course provides introductory instruction in the visual arts. Students will gain basic knowledge and skills through assignments in design, drawing and painting, 3-D design and sculpture, including ceramics, and digital art and filmmaking. In addition, students will develop a digital portfolio of their works, which will carry over to future courses. Students will also acquire a basic visual art vocabulary and an ability to utilize the language of art in discussions and through critiques. Artistic achievement of individuals, both historical and contemporary, and the work of different cultures will be analyzed and explored to serve as sources of inspiration for studio practices. This course prepares the student for all other visual art courses offered at Cathedral Catholic High School. Students will showcase their works during the CCHS art festival in May.

*Notice to Parents*

You should be receiving an email from Artsonia, an online student Art Gallery website. The students will be building an online porfrolio of their work using this webpage and if you would like to allow the work to be viewed by the public you will need to grant permission. None of the students information will be public, only their first name and photographs of the artwork done in this class and approved by me for display in our school gallery. This will also allow you to share your child's art gallery with friends and family via a web link and purchase custom items with the artwork printed on them if you would like. Just follow the instructions in the email to set up your parent account and grant permission.