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Catholic Faith 10

Course Description

Students will explore God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ by identifying, exploring, and analyzing how God calls each of us to be active participants in His plan as faith-filled global citizens.  Students will achieve a deeper understanding of the Church as the means to encounter Jesus Christ and identify how to actively contribute to the life of the Church as life-long learners within it.

English 3

Course Description

English 3 is a yearlong required course for college preparatory juniors.  Students examine the works of significant American authors, genres, and movements.  Students develop critical thinking skills by analyzing readings in class discussions and by writing formal literary analysis essays.  Students focus on clearly articulating ideas through process-oriented writing, practicing both analytic and creative responses. Students read and evaluate literary criticism and then write a critical essay based on the student’s critical reading and research of a particular contemporary American author.  Students practice using academic research skills to plan and produce an MLA documented final product that reflects their understanding of academic research and analytic writing.  Students will enhance their study of grammar and vocabulary as it relates to PSAT and SAT tests and written and oral communication skills.

History of Catholic Church Per. 7

Course Description

Students will explore the Church’s history from apostolic times to the present. Students will deepen their understanding of how the Church was founded by Christ through the Apostles and is sustained by Him throughout history through the Holy Spirit. Students will extend their knowledge of how the Church is the living Body of Christ today and, as such, has both divine and human elements. Students will look at how the Church is lead and governed by the successors of the Apostles.


Course Description

This is a semester course designed for college-bound students who desire an understanding of how myths of various cultures influence literature and art. The course will focus on Classical Greek and Roman mythology, the myths of ancient Britain and Northern Europe, and to a lesser extent, the myths of the Ancient Near-East. Various myths of other cultures will be studied through an independent research project. The course will pursue comparisons of cultural themes and beliefs and the exploration of theories concerning the sources of myths. Analysis of literature and art will include close reading of appropriate texts. There will be written component to this course that will include both essaying and researched storytelling (narrative).

Catholic Faith 10--Saint videos

St. Francis of Assisi:

St. Peter Claver: Nam War

CF10-Easter/Lent  (Easter quiz)  (Lent quiz)

Gatsby Scavenger Hunt


Golden Apple of Discord:

Daedalus and Icarus:

Helen of Troy:

Demeter and Persephone:

Perseus and Medusa:

Jason and the Golden Fleece:

Hercules 12 Labors:



Creation Myths Themes:

Creation Myth Summaries:

PBS-Myths and Heroes:

Egyption Mythology    (Creation)    (Gods)      (Stories)  (Creation)  (Info/Quiz) (Symbols) (afterlife) (afterlife)

Celtic Mythology  (Creation) (gods)  (stories)

Aztec Mythology  (Creation)  (11 gods)

Arthurian Legend

Perry English 3 Survey Spring 2016