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AVID is a college readiness system delivered via the elective class that helps the student who has the potential to be successful, but lacks the support.  This class will teach students how to utilize AVID methodologies of writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading to become better prepared for honors and AP courses as well as post high school education.

Creative Writing 1

Creative Writing 1 is a one-semester elective course where students will explore the craft of creative writing, including poetry, short story, memoir and drama.  Students will cultivate observation, interpretation and expression skills, as well as developing their knowledge and ability to use common literary devices. The students will read literary works critically in order to aid them in their own writing process. Students will learn to use their imagination, senses, memories, the textbook readings and the world around them in order to become inspired.  The focus will be on helping the students develop a unique and personal voice within their writing. 

Creative Writing 2

Creative Writing 2 is a semester elective course where students will specialize in one genre of writing introduced in Creative Writing 1: non-fiction, short story, drama or poetry. The students will read pieces from masters in their field of study as a source of inspiration, work independently on teacher-guided lessons, participate in writing workshops, and work collaboratively with classmates in the editing process. While the students will be expected to continue developing their personal voice and style from Creative Writing 1, they will also develop the artistic quality of their pieces with the focus on creating a body of work for publication. 

English 1H

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