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Speech Comm Per. 7

Speech Communications

This one-semester course is designed to instill self-confidence through oral presentations.  Speech instruction involves two interrelated components: imparting knowledge about speech communication processes and developing students’ skills through active participation in those processes.  Since speech is primarily a skill-development course, much of the class time is devoted to performance activities.  Students will learn the techniques of researching, organizing, and delivering a variety of speeches.  Emphasis is on delivery, voice, and diction.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

If you know your son/daughter has been ill and is missing assignments, please realize his/her grade may be inaccurate for a short period while he/she completes the work.  As matter of class procedure, I input a "0" for grades instead of N/A when a student is absent as it is nearly inpossible for me to remember to change the grade back at a later date. In theory, it is possible for a student to just leave a mark as N/A and never complete it or have it affect his/her grade. As a result, I input work as a "0" even if I know the student is absent as I know nothing motivates more than a "0" in the gradebook. In addition, this procedure puts the responsibility for learning onto the student where it belongs. Finally, per class policy, students are allowed one class period for every period missed to complete work. After the time period, make-up work is not accepted, and the "0" stands. I hope this information alleviates any angst.


Mr. Grazier