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Introductory Economics is a course that explores the world of both macro and microeconomics.  The course introduces students to many of the basic economic principle that affects all of our lives individually, nationally, and on a global basis.  Contemporary economic problems presented, challenge students, think critically and creatively and to begin to shape our future toward a just and productive world. This course is a requirement of the Social Science Department at CCHS and also meets all of the requirements of the State of California.  This course will prepare students for introductory economics in college and most importantly for their economic life.

Economics Per. 7


Psychology, 1646, Psychology introduces students to the major theories and scientific knowledge that attempt to explain human behavior.  Human development, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, learning, intelligence, theories of personality and abnormal behavior are examined.  Students learn to apply the principles of the scientific method in their study of psychology.  While most of the emphasis is on the science of psychology, self-awareness is also stressed.

 Extra Credit Books for Psychology (one person, per book, per block)

1. The Secret: Rhonda Bryne

2. The Gift of Fear: Gavin deBecker

3. Blink: The power of thinking without thinking

4. The psychopath test: A journey through the madness industry

5. Shrink on the loose: Therapy in unusual locations: G.L. Zienman

6. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat: Oliver Sack's

7.  Batman & Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Night: Travis Langley


Extra Credit Books for Economics (one student, per book, per block)

1. Freakonomics: Levett & Dubner

     A) Superfreakonomics/

     B) Think like a Freak /

     C) When to Rob a Bank: Levett & Dubner

2.  The Economic Naturalist: Robert Frank

3. Nickel & Dimed and not getting by on Minimum wage: Barbara Einreich

4. Common Sense Econ, what everyone should know about wealth & prosperity: James Gwartney

5. The Worldly Philosophers: Robert Heilbroner

6. Murder at the Margin, A Deadly Inference, & The Fatal Equilibrium: Marshall Jevons (fun)

7. Saving Adam Smith: Jonathan B. Wright (fun)

8. Give Me a Break: John Stossel

     A)  Myths, Lies, & Downright Stupidity: John Stossel

9. Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science: Charles Wheelan

10. Sex, Drugs, & Economics: Diane Coyle (fun, merges econ with Psychology)

11. The travels of a T shirt in the Global Economy: Pietra Rivoli

12. The World is Flat: Thomas Friedman

13. The Undercover Economist: Tim Hartford (fun)

14. The Invisible Heart: Russell Roberts (fun)

15.  Atlas Shrugged:  Ayn Rand

16. The FountainHead: Ayn Rand

17. We the Living: Ayn Rand 

18.  The Business of America: John Steele Gordon

19.  Basic Economics: A Citizen's guide to the Economy: Thomas Sowell

20.  Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life: David Friedman

21.  The Armchair Economist: Econ & Everyday Life: Steven Landsburg

22.  From Ramen to Riches: Building Wealth in your 20s:  James G. Wood