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Economics provides students with an understanding of the economic problems and institutions of the nation and the world. Students will develop skills to make reasoned decisions on economic issues as citizens and consumers. Students study a variety of economic principles and concepts including fundamental economics, comparative economic systems, microeconomics and international economics.  Studies in a historic context include basic economics, concepts, comparative economic systems, economic decision-making, measurement and methods.

Economics Per. 7

US History

Grade 11 United States History students examine major turning points in American history.  Following a review of the nation’s democratic beginnings, students will explore the connectivity and influence of geographical, political, and cultural aspects that have shaped the United States.  Students will continue to build upon the themes they learned in their tenth grade World History class to better understand the emergence and impact of new technology and global economics on the United States.  They will also examine the social and cultural effects of the United States’ rise to becoming a major world power.  Emphasis is placed on the expanding role of the federal government, major social changes, and a set of freedoms and political principles basic to citizenship in the global society.

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