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American Sign Language 2

This ASL 2 course continues to develop basic reception and production skills in American Sign Language.  Emphasis will be on vocabulary, and the ability to demonstrate abstract ideas and concepts.  Students are required to express themselves in sign language, practice signing on a daily basis, and come to class prepared to learn.

American Sign Language 3

This ASL 3 course further develops reception and production skills in American Sign Language.  Emphasis will be on Deaf culture, numbering in ASL, vocabulary, and the ability to sign liturgical prayers and songs.  Students will be required to sign prayers, narratives and ASL poetry.  There will be various assignments where students must be prepared to sign in front of the class as well as one on one with other classmates and the teacher.  

American Sign Language 4

ASL-4 students continue to build upon the topics, conversation, and grammar introduced in previous lessons from ASL 1, 2, and 3.  Students will develop their conversational competence as well as an introduction to ASL interpreting. This ASL-4 course continues with complex grammatical attributes, vocabulary, Deaf culture, as well as  liturgical songs & prayers.


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Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Interpreted by Rock Church Interpreter

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 Research shows the best way to learn a second language is through immersion.  (Immersion is defined as a method of teaching a foreign language by the exclusive use of that language).

With ASL, this means learning & listening with your eyes and not your ears. Therefore, voicing without permission will carry a consequence, which may include: change in seating, loss of performance points, detentions, parent contact, etc  Please do your best to refrain from speaking using your voice.  From a Deaf perspective, it is rude to voice and speak your comments audibly, thus discriminating against those who may not have adequate hearing or may in fact be deaf.  Please be respectful of ASL and its culture. Kindness is indeed appreciated.

Mr. Kaufmann's Homework Help

**  Earning a 5 on a homework assignment means that you didn't upload it correctly.  It could be the file extension is missing, or the filename is incorrect.  You have 1 week to correct your mistake, to receive full credit.

**  All homework must be typed using your Pages or Notability apps or MS Word.  Don't use Google Drive to create your documents, instead create them on Pages or Notability, and upload your HW as discussed in class.  

**  Always include your name, date, block, and ASL level, as well as center the heading on all homework assignments.  Your grade will remain a 5 on the assignment until it is updated to reflect the corrections.

**  Homework Passes (pink coupons) may ONLY be used for MasterASL textbook assignments.  

**  Homework Passes MAY NOT BE USED on any video, film, movie, Deaf event, extracurricular activity, signed assignments, group work, projects, presentations, poetry, music interpretation, liturgical signing, extra credit, or even as a bathroom pass!  Got it?  :)


iMovie Filming Requirements


Your iMovie must include all SFX (Special Effects) as well as several HD (High Definition) pictures.  


The title of your video must be layered on a photo (placeholder) and NOT on any video of you signing.  


If using external music, make sure it is appropriate language, otherwise instrumental music is preferred.


Do not sit or stand too far away from the camera.  Neither should you sit or stand too close to the camera. 


Frame yourself evenly when filming.  Make sure your elbows, shoulders, and the top of your head are all visible in the frame. 


Keep the light source in front of you and behind the camera.  Avoid lighting behind you as it is distracting and makes viewing difficult.


Avoid the following backgrounds: windows, crowded walkways or halls, television or movie screens, rotating fan blades, lamps or light bulbs, or anywhere that is distracting or disorienting.


Since every student has access to an iPad, you may only use the iMovie App on the iPad to make any edits.  You may not use a laptop or desktop computer with the iMovie software to do any editing, because not everyone has access to such a device.

You must wear CCHS approved clothing for all videos, unless otherwise noted by your instructor.

 Please do not wear tanktops or workout clothing.


Deaf Events

Kearny Mesa Bowl Deaf and Hearing League

Where: 7585 Clairemont Mesa Blvd on Clairemont and Convoy near the K-Mart.
When: Every Friday Night, Sept to May
Time: 6:30 – 9:15