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AP Psychology

AP Psychology is an advanced/college level course that offers and introduction to the study of psychology (the scientific study of human and non-human animal behavior and mental events). In this course, we will cover with considerable rigor the following topics:

  • An introduction to the field of psychology.
  • How psychology is studied -- the scientific method and psychology.
  • Biological Psychology: what our physiology reveals about behavior and mental events and visa-versa!
  • Sensation and Perception: how we sense and perceive the world, and how these interact to influence behavior and mental events.
  • Altered States and the continuum of consciousness: sleep, dreams, psychoactive drugs, and consciousness.
  • Learning Psychology: how the environment shapes us into who we are. Topics include: classical conditioning, operant conditioning, observational learning, and cognitive factors and learning.
  • Cognitive Psychology: how our mental events influences our behavior and visa-versa. Topics include: memory, thinking and reasoning, problem solving, and language.
  • Emotions and Motivation: topics include, theories of emotions and motivation and how these influence cognition and behavior.
  • Social Psychology: the study of how the individual is influenced by the group. Topics include: why are we social, power of the situation, persuasion, and prejudice.
  • Personality Psychology: we will focus on psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and trait approaches to understanding personality.
  • Developmental psychology of the study of human development across the life span.
  • The study of intelligence and how it is measured and applied.
  • Abnormal or dysfunctional psychology and how disorders are treated. Areas of focus include: anxiety disorder, mood disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and personality disorders. Areas of treatment reviewed include: cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychopharmacological, group, and family therapies.

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AP Psychology

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