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> Digital Imaging
> Foundations in Visual Art and Design

Digital Imaging

Prerequisite: Foundations in Visual Art and Design or audition.

Digital Photography is designed for students who are interested in fine art photography with digital tools. General computer experience is a prerequisite, but no prior knowledge of the particular software programs used in class is required. Because of the project-based nature of the class, students at all levels will be able to learn at their own pace and create meaningful pieces to add to their portfolio. Any digital camera with manual controls is acceptable. (Which means manual aperture, shutter speed control. It does not necessarily need to be a DSLR.) 

Foundations in Visual Art and Design

Please see iTunes U for current assignments.



iTunes U code: DYS-SJL-YBE

We are currently working on Photoshop skills and continuing to develop photography skills.




Block 5 & 6 iTunes U code: CHC-TDB-JHC

Block 7 iTunes U code: DCJ-AYA-WSC

There will be a quiz over sculpture terms on Friday, April 15.

We are currently working on Paper Mache Projects, these will be due on April 21.