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English 2

English 2 is a yearlong English course for college preparatory tenth grade students.  This course emphasizes the skills relevant to the production of the expository (CDW) paragraph and introduces the student to the multi-paragraphed literary analysis essay.  In addition, each student will learn research strategies as they complete the process of preparing and writing a thesis based research paper using MLA format.  The class covers literature of various genres with a focus on universal themes.  Students will continue their study of grammar, vocabulary, and literary techniques and terms. 

English 3

English 3 is a yearlong required course for college preparatory juniors.  Students examine the works of significant American authors, genres, and movements.  Students develop critical thinking skills by analyzing readings in class discussions and by writing formal literary analysis essays.  Students focus on clearly articulating ideas through process-oriented writing, practicing both analytic and creative responses. Students read and evaluate literary criticism and then write a critical essay based on the student’s critical reading and research. Students practice using academic research skills to plan and produce an MLA documented final product that reflects their understanding of academic research and analytic writing.  Students will enhance their study of grammar and vocabulary as it relates to PSAT and SAT tests and written and oral communication skills.

English 3 Per. 7

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