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AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus AB requires students to be independent learners with a strong math background who may be preparing to major in mathematics, science, or engineering at the college level. AP Calculus AB is a fast-paced college calculus class. Students complete a significant study of limits, differential and integral calculus and analytic geometry. Students are required to register for and take the AP Exam in May. A $115 fee per exam will be collected during exam registration. 


This course is a two-semester course that covers the elements of beginning college calculus. Topics to be studied include limits, differentiation and integration of polynomial, trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential and other functions. Their applications to area, volume, arc length, optimization, rates of change, position, velocity, and acceleration problems will be studied. This course does not follow the curriculum needed to take the Advanced Placement Exam in Calculus. This course is ideal for students who would like an introduction to Calculus for college preparation, but do not desire the rigor or pace of the Advanced Placement Course. 

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AP Calculus AB: Calc DRS-EYN-DME

Calculus: DMX-KKF-DYK

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