Ms. Lauren Gellerman


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> Beg. Algebra
> Geometry B

Beg. Algebra

Prerequisites: In-coming grade 9 HSPT exam score and previous coursework record. 

In this first course of a two-year beginning algebra program, students reinforce the basic skills with the Real Number System, learn the language of Algebra, solve and graph linear equations and inequalities, solve systems of equations, factor and solve quadratics, and develop algebraic problem solving skills. Followed by Algebra IA, a comprehensive first year algebra program is completed for students needing a slower pace. 

Geometry B

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra 1A with a grade of a “C”. 

Designed for students with a solid foundation in Algebra I, students learn deductive proof writing, properties of angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, congruent triangles, similar polygons, circles, right triangles, areas and volumes of solids, coordinate geometry and constructions. This slower paced course fulfills the graduation requirement for geometry, but due to the basic emphasis on proofs, will not prepare students for entry into most higher level mathematics courses in high school or college. 

iTunesU Course Codes

Beginning Algebra (Red): CXE-RCL-DBD

Geometry B (Gold): CFX-TAC-XYC

Geometry B (Block 7): DMY-CRD-EJE