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> Anatomy/Physiology
> Earth Science

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AVID is a college readiness system delivered via the elective class that helps the student who has the potential to be successful, but lacks the support. This class will teach the students how to utilize AVID methodologies of writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading to become better prepared for honors and AP courses as well as post high school education.


Students in grades 10-12 will engage in further exploration of the concepts associated with human anatomy and physiology.  It is a rigorous second year Biology course for students interested in human biology, medicine and its related professions.  Extensive reading and study are required.  Participation in the cat dissection is required for completion of this course.

Earth Science

This one-year college preparatory course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive examination of the forces and composition of our earth's Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Geosphere. Also included are units on Astronomy and California's Resources and Hazards. Both physical and chemical foundations related to Earth Science are provided. This course will qualify for "g" elective credit for UC/CSU entrance.

As stated by a student: "I was very satisfied with my grade because the work I did to prepare my notes paid off. I would learn a lot more if I spent more time reading and looking at the chapter."