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English 1

English 1 Course Description

English 1 is a yearlong required course for college preparatory ninth grade students.  Students read literary pieces from genres of literature including the novel, short stories, poetry, mythology, non-fiction, and drama in addition to studying literary techniques and terms.  Students continue to build a foundation of basic vocabulary and grammar skills for effective oral and written communication as well as preparation for taking standardized tests (such as the PSAT, the ACT, and the SAT). Students also focus on study skills with emphasis on active reading strategies and basic academic research skills.  Students practice creative and expository writing, with an emphasis on the claim, data, and warrant elements in expository paragraphs. In second semester, students use these writing skills to produce multi-paragraph, thesis-driven expository essays.

Speech Communications

Summer School Speech Course Description:

This three week summer class meets the requirements for the one-semester required course for freshmen is designed to instill self-confidence through oral presentations. Students acquire knowledge about speech communication processes and develop effective communication skills through active participation in those processes. Because speech is primarily a skill-development course with emphasis on delivery, voice, and diction, students devote much of the class time to performance activities. Students learn the techniques of academic researching, organization, and delivery of a variety of speeches, some utilizing multimedia.


Yearbook Production


The yearbook class is a year long elective course designed to create the CCHS yearbook, PRESIDIO. In the process, students learn many skills not available in a standard classroom setting including, but not limited to: copy writing, interviewing techniques, photography critique/enhancement techniques, teamwork, problem solving skills, creative thinking, design concepts, leadership skills, and the importance of meeting deadlines.

Attendance is crucial & deadlines are critical.

Class meets during Gold 4.

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