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Students in grades 10-12 will engage in further exploration of the concepts associated with human anatomy & physiology.  It is a rigorous second year Biology course for students interested in human biology, medicine and its related professions.  Extensive reading and study are required.  Participation in the cat dissection is required for completion of this course.

Anatomy/Physiology H

Students in grades 11-12 who have a strong interest in human physiology and are planning to pursue a career in the life sciences or health related professions will benefit from this accelerated, in-depth study of the human body.  Students will explore the structural and functional relationships of all the organ systems and how they dynamically work together to sustain life.  In addition, how the human body responds to pathophysiological imbalances and ultimately maintains homeostasis will be studied.  Participation in the cat dissection is required for completion of this course.

Prerequisite:  A grade of "B" in Biology & Chemistry, both semesters.

Honors Anatomy is NOT intended as a second year anatomy course. Completion of the college prep Anatomy & Physiology precludes you from taking the honors course.

Palomar Pathmaker Internship: 

If you are interested in participating in a HANDS-ON medical internship, use the link below to take you to the Pathmaker Internship application......make sure you meet all of the pre-requisites.