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Level 06 - Apple TV Bronze Level 03 - iBook Bronze Level 01 - iPad Basics Level 04 - Multimedia Bronze Level 02 - Settings Sage Level 05 - Web Wizard Bronze

Advanced STEAM

Students will expand on concepts and skills developed in the Introduction to STEAM course. This is a fast paced course that will take a more comprehensive look into JAVA programming, CAD designing, metal fabrication, mechanical and electrical engineering, and real-world applications. Students will complete the STEAM program by competing in a two-month robotics competition during the spring semester. During the competition, the students utilize the skills they have developed to strategize, design, build, program, and compete in a rigorous robotics competition. The competition will require after school and Saturday meeting times. UC “d” category approved

Introduction to STEAM

Students will engage in interdisciplinary learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math through a hands-on Project Based Approach. Students will receive introductory level exploratory instruction on topics including proper use of machinery tools, foundation in applied physics, basic concepts of mechanical and electrical engineering, writing JAVA computer programs, designing and creating models using a 3D printer and Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and real world applications of classroom concepts. Acquiring of knowledge will be demonstrated through a series of projects starting with research and initial design and culminating with the completion of a build project that is geared toward solving real-world problems.

Anatomy/Physiology Summer School:


Answer Review Questions for ch 1.1 and 1.2 in complete detailed sentences.

Study Vocab from both sections for vocab quiz at the begining of next class.

Work on Anatomy Packet


Chemistry Summer School:

Complete chapter 1 packet.  Test on ch 1 will be 1st thing tomorrow morning.



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