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Junior/Senior Campus Ministry Practicum M – Music Ministry

Course Description and Expectations - 2015/2016

Teacher Information:

Mr. Pat Robell

Phone: 858-523-4000 x1388


Hours of availability: During lunch, before and after school by appointment

Homework web page:

 Schola Music Ministry iTunes U Course Enroll Code  FCH-DHW-ZED

Office Hours of availability: During lunch, before school @7:30 and after school as well as by appointment..          


This class has two components; instrumentalist (musicians) and schola (choir).

The CMP-M course will provide all liturgical music for celebrations of the Eucharist (Mass) and Liturgy of the Hours – Morning Prayer (Lauds).  You will learn the theology, spirituality, and general norms of these rituals while completing requirements for either your junior or senior religion courses


Course Objectives:

Students will come to an understanding of the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings on Liturgy and Music and learn the Christian theology and spirituality of the Mass. Students will learn the basic leadership skills in planning, organizing, and facilitating liturgies to students of various grade levels at CCHS. Students will use these skills to lead student facilitated and organized leadership roles in the church. During the liturgical seasons students will put to practice their understanding of liturgical music and selections that are appropriate to the season and assume active ministerial roles to their peers and leadership roles on campus. 

Various Handouts

Pencils (with #2 lead) - for marking on Music

Binders to house liturgical music… Binders are not to leave the room.

For individual practice students will take a picture of the music on their

ipads for practice at home..

The Scorch App by Avid is required.. Available on Apples app store for two dollars


    Your grade will be based on the total number of points accumulated during the grading period. Your participation in class and campus ministry liturgies and prayer services will be 75% of your grade.   

The final examinations will be cumulative at the end of the semesters and worth 25%  of the total grade for the semester.   Standard CCHS scale will be used for the assignment of letter grades.   

CCHS School grading scale:  A=100-90%,  B=89-80%,  C=79-70%,  D=69-60%,  F=59-0%


    All homework must be typed using standard MLA format unless otherwise noted.  All in-class written assignments must be completed in ink (blue or black).  Do not turn in homework on spiral notebook pape.  It will not be graded. 

    Homework will consist of reading assignments, pop quizzes, questions from Class discussions regarding Liturgy and Music, the theology and spirituality, of the mass.  Pop quizzes will randomly follow a lecture or reading assignments.

    All homework is due the class after it has been assigned.  You may turn in homework one (1) day late at the beginning of class, if you so choose, but you will only receive half credit.  No homework after this time will be accepted.  It is better to turn in your best work at the time an assignment is due than to wait until it will no longer be counted.

    You will have one day per day of excused absence in which to make up work before it will be considered late.  Any homework, which was due on the day of an absence, is due on the day of return.  If the absence is unexcused, no credit will be given for any work.  You will receive a zero for the day missed.

    All homework will be posted on the CCHS web site. Please note that last minute changes and technical difficulties can and do occur. It is therefore the student’s responsibility to listen and make note of the homework as announced IN CLASS If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check what homework is due and to complete that assignment.  Do not expect to be personally informed of homework you have missed.  It is your responsibility to either check the web site, or see the instructors personally.

Class Rules:

    All students are expected to follow all rules as outlined in your CCHS Handbook.  It is your responsibility to know these rules and expectations.  Don’t worry too much, if you follow common sense you should do fine in class.  Just to outline what is expected, the following class rules will apply.

1.         Respect

                        Courtesy and basic respect for other people’s views and comments will be expected.  A great deal of class will be interactive discussion.  We will respect the views of others, their point of view, and their life experiences.

2.        Food and Drink Is not allowed in class (water in a bottle is fine).

3.        Materials

           You should come to class each day with the materials you need for        

           class.  This will include your texts, pencil and pens, and notebook with  


4.         Appropriate School Behavior

You should act in an appropriate manner at all times.  We will work with you on this if there are any areas of concern.

Cheating and Plagiarism:

We will follow all CCHS standards in regards to cheating and plagiarism of any kind. Cheating

includes copying another student’s work. This action will result in a disciplinary referral.

Campus Ministry

Being a campus minister requires you to be… It is both a privilege and an honor. You will be held to certain standards. If at any time throughout this course, your attitude and or actions do not live up to the expectations of the adult campus ministers, a conference may be scheduled with you to discuss… If there is no change in attitude, than you may be removed from the course.
Teacher Availability:

    We hope campus ministry will be an exciting and interesting part of your studies here at CCHS.  We will do our best to make this material inviting and interesting to you.  If for any reason you have a problem, do not totally comprehend some of the material, or would like to talk with either of us about anything on your mind, we have a totally open policy in assisting you.  You can find us in our classrooms and/or the campus ministry center before and after school.  You may also contact us to make an appointment if necessary.  We want to make sure you succeed here at CCHS, so please let us help you do so and let us know when you are having any problems.

    “The church ... is always ready to make use of the only power it possesses – the power of the Gospel – to throw light on any kind of activity that will better establish justice.”

                                                                                                                       – Archbishop Oscar Romero

Cathedral Catholic Community Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,

Let my gifts change the world.

Help us live the call,

Build the Kingdom,

Veni Sancte Spiritus.

Faith ~ Knowledge ~ Responsibility ~ Honor

Foundations in Performing Arts


Cathedral Catholic High School

Academic Year: 2015/2016

Foundations in Perf Arts # 1703 -1704

Foundations iTunes U Course Enroll Code EEE-EXN-TXK

Grades: 9 – 12

Teacher Information: GC1

Mr. Pat Robell

Phone: 858-523-4000 ext. 1388


Office Hours of availability: During lunch, before school @7:30 and after school as well as by appointment..

Homework web page:

Course Description:

Introduction to Performing Arts is a survey of dance, theater, music, and performance art through observation and listening, readings, project-based learning, and experiential learning. Because music has been around as long as people have formed communities, we will spend the first semester on music. Music has a supporting role in Musical Theatre, Motion pictures, Dance, as well as its enormously large Classical and Pop cultures. Even though we can’t touch music, the power it has to alter and change our views as well as our lives by touching us, “is enormous”.

Dancers, musicians, performance artists, spoken word artists, and actors will be exposed to the techniques, vocabulary, and specific genres of each other’s disciplines.  Students will explore aesthetic perception creative expression, historical and cultural context, as well as aesthetic valuing and connections, relationships, and applications.  Students are challenged to discover the shared concepts in all the performing arts, and they often work collaboratively on projects that integrate these disciplines, as well as explore their own creative identity. 

Using the language of performance art, students will evaluate, analyze, and respond to their own works, the works of peers, and works of professional artists.  

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate basic skills in artistic perception, applying the fundamentals of the elements and principles of the performing arts disciplines of theater, technical theater, dance, music history and appreciation, and music theory and composition.
  • Experience performance, and also artistic philosophy,  criticism, and history.
  • Analyze and make critical assessments about artworks.
  • Respond appropriately to a variety of inquiries related to the curriculum.
  • Produce artwork that shows individual creativity and problem solving ability.  

Materials Required:

  • iPad
  • Notebook paper
  • Pen and Pencil
  • Apps: Google Drive, Notability,  I Tunes U

You will also:

Be a member in iTunesU Course

Create a Google Drive Folder for the Course

(Last Name First Initial-Foundations Number)

Ex: RobellP-FPARed1, 2, or 3 (whatever block you are in)

Wiil create in Class..

Email for google drive submission is


Attitude is everything. See below.

Be on time and physically, mentally, and creatively present

No cell phones, no exceptions

Behave appropriately and professionally in class

Class related work in class only

No food or drink (water only)


Be prepared to learn from each other and share the classroom and its contents. A substantial portion of your grade will be determined by your attitude: your effort in learning new material, your desire to help me and fellow students, and your respect for our precious (and expensive) equipment and resources. You will also be expected to behave in a professional and ethical manner. Rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated. Be prepared to come to class every day with a positive attitude, showing me and your classmates’ patience, tolerance, and cooperation.



1Thessalonians 5:11

Academic Honesty:

Do your own work!!!

VPA Department-wide Responsible Use Policy for Technology:

  • Student uses iPad or other technology in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner at all times and for educational purposes only.
  • Instructor is not responsible to any and all liability, e.g. loss or damages that may occur in the VPA classroom
  • Student is responsible to bring the iPad to class every day with sufficient battery life to last throughout class assignments.
  • Student is strictly prohibited to use iPad material containing inappropriate content, offensive language, derogatory rumors/gossip, or other content not in keeping with CCHS mission or philosophy.
  • Student may not use the iPad as a Face Time, video camera, still camera, audio recording device unless permitted by instructor.
  • Instructor may inspect and if necessary, confiscate any student’s iPad and/or require the student to delete inappropriate apps or materials and/or issue detention for inappropriate use.
  • For student individual work, internet materials may not be copied or reproduced unless the actual content is altered considerably; see plagiarism as discussed above.  

Course Outline: (Subject to Change)

A. What is Performance?

         Creating Characters

The Voice and Vocal Production

B. Auditions and Callbacks


         Musical Theater Auditions

         Songs for the Non-Singer

         Creating a Resume

C. Music Appreciation

         Music in Society

         Styles of Music

         Introduction to Musical Theory and Notation

         Bach to Rock:  Music History

D. American Popular Music and Songwriting

         The Great Songwriters (Lennon, McCartney, King, Dylan)

         Music in the Movies

         Song Form

         Writing Lyrics

         Music Notation

         Music Vocabulary (Dynamics, Notes, Etc.)

         Personal Expression through Song 

E. Musical Theater

         Origins of Contemporary Musical Theater

         Musicals on Film (West Side Story, Les Mis)

         Theatrical Reviews

         Critiquing Performance

         Musical Theater Dance Basics

         The Musical Theater Character Archetypes

F. Performance in Other Cultures

G. Technical Theater

H. The Business of the Performing Arts

I. Beginning Dance

J. The Orchestra and Its Instruments

K. Music Theory and Orchestration

L. Composition using Technology, Midi and 

How it works..

Key Assignments and Projects: 

Performer Resume

Performance Exercise Responses

Performance Artist Statements

Musical Theater Audition

The Monologue

Duet Scene

Model Set

Make-Up Design 


Spoken Word

Choreography Project

Music Appreciation Project

Song Forms

Original Composition

Research Paper/Special Project

Course Portfolio


Student progress will be assessed using in class activities and exercises, performance projects, written quizzes/tests/essays, and the completion of a portfolio.


-   Written Assignments: 20%

-   Quizzes: 20%

-   Projects: 20%

-   Participation and Performance: 25%

-   Final Exam: 15%

Tardy Policy and Dress Code:

Refer to student handbook

Student Responsibility Statement

I have read the Course Description and Expectations with my parents and agree to abide by the policies described.

Student Signature: _______________________________________________ 

 Block #  __________


Parent Signature:   ______________________________________________


Date: __________________________