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Campus Ministry Practicum Liturgy


Course #1135-1136
Campus Ministry Practicum Liturgy 

In this class, students come to an understanding of Christian Morality, development and meaning of the Sacraments, and the basic tenants of Christian Spirituality. In assuming a leadership role as a member of the Campus Ministry team, students implement skills in organizing, planning and facilitating liturgical celebrations.

Campus Ministry Liturgy Practicum Responsibilities:

  •  All campus ministers are expected to attend Sunday Mass at your local parish.
  • All campus ministers are required to attend Friday Morning Daily Mass 7:15am in the Chapel on  Fridays.
  • All liturgy campus ministers are required to (for a project grade) attend one week of Daily Mass (helping in different ministerial roles). See your teacher if you would like to discuss completing this requirement as an independent study.
  • All liturgy campus ministers are required to assist in the planning of assigned school-wide liturgies.

Homework: A majority of your homework grade comes from participating in Morning Prayer on Friday mornings. Missing these prayer services will greatly affect your homework grade and will prevent you from being able to earn an A in the class.

Daily Mass = Project Grade: You will receive a project grade for your week of service for Daily Mass each quarter. Missing these assignments will greatly affect your test percentage and will prevent you from being able to earn an A in the class.


Christian Morality

Spring 2014

Morality Essential Questions: 

How is Christian morality related to the divine gifts of intellect and free will?

How does sin affect our relationships with God, with other people, and with ourselves?

How do the key themes of Catholic social doctrine influence important social issues today?

How do we develop moral character based on honesty and integrity and guard against sins?

Why is respect for human life foundational to Christian morality?

How do I nurture and develop a well-formed conscience?

Ecu Inter Topic

Students will understand in a deeper way, the manner in which the Catholic Church relates to non-Catholic Christians as well as to other religions of the world. Building on the foundational truth that Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church and entrusted to her the fullness of God’s Revelation, the course is intended to help students to recognize the ways in which spiritual truths can also be found in non-Catholic Christian churches and ecclesial communities as well as in non-Christian religions. It is also intended to help them recognize the ways in which other systems of belief and practice differ from the Catholic faith.

Student survey:



Stations of the Cross Brainstorming

"Being confident of this, that HE who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6

Link to the YouTube Channel created by Class of 2016 for Campus Ministry Liturgy Students: