Mr. Stephen Miles


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> Geometry H
> Pre-Calculus Honors

Level 01 - iPad Basics Level 02 - Settings Sage Level 03 - iBook Bronze Level 04 - Multimedia Bronze Level 05 - Web Wizard Bronze Level 06 - Apple TV Bronze Level 07 - Accessibility Bronze Level 08 - Class Management Bronze Level 09 - Web Wizard Silver Level 10 - Multimedia Silver

Geometry H

See the Course Description and Expectations for Geometry Advanced in the Resource Center.

Pre-Calculus Honors

See the Course Description and Expectations for Pre-Calculus (H) in the Resource Center.

Problem of the Week:   See the Resource Center for each week's problem.

Homework:   A complete Homework Guide can be found in the Resource Center.

Tutoring Availability:   I am available every school day between 6:00 a.m. and

                                     8:00 a.m. and after school at 2:00 p.m., except on

                                     Gold 6 days.

                                     * If no one comes to the classroom by 2:15 p.m., I may

                                        leave early.