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English 3H

This course explores some of the traditions, innovations, and complexities in writing in the Americas.  We will explore the nuances of writing throughout the different eras in American history, focusing on the attitudes that shaped the writing of the time.  Emphasis is given to reading comprehension and analysis of these works in discussion, essays, projects, and your critical paper.  You will also be introduced to rhetoric and literary criticism this year.  Consider this class as an introduction to college-level thinking, reading, writing, and rhetoric.  

English 4

English 4 is a year-long course required of all senior students except those in AP English or British Literature Honors. This course is designed with two components: an intensive writing component in which students examine the fundamentals and finer points of the thesis-centered essay, and a literature survey component in which students investigate representative works of major British writers through the study of both fiction and non-fiction. 

In the first semester, students will embark upon a sequence of writing tasks meant to cover a variety of expository approaches and forms. Students will be responsible for developing and independently researching their own essay topics. This program of instruction emphasizes the critical thinking needed for expository essaying, the key stages of the writing process from invention and research to finished product, and the common grammatical, stylistic, and technical elements of writing college level essays. The second semester is an integrated course in reading, writing, and critical thinking; students will continue to apply their critical thinking, research, and expository skills within the framework of a survey study of British works and authors ranging from the Anglo-Saxon Period of England to the present.

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